Rapid prototyping for your ideas

Iterative, collaborative development of electronic products

what we do

We are a prototype-first product and electronic engineering design consultancy.

Our first aim is always to get a working prototype into your hands as soon as possible, because we understand how frustrating it is to have an idea and not be able to test it in the real world.

It's not real - and our job isn't done - until you can hold your idea in your hands.


Assumptions are dangerous and expensive. Putting a piece of hardware in front of you and your customers is by far the best way to get essential feedback on your ideas and plans.


Building hardware alone isn't enough - we build and maintain the code that makes your hardware work. This isn't limited to your embedded code - we can advise, design and build backend integration systems too.

Rapid iteration

Every product design needs changes, and the faster you see the result of your changes, the better. We work closely with you to spec what changes are necessary and practical at each stage, and aim to deliver you maximum learning and value from each iteration.


We work across all stages of prototype development. We can guide you
through from start to finish, or jump in to assist an existing project.


We'll work with you to understand your business, your customers, what you need built and the context it'll operate in.


Choosing the right parts to make your product work, not blow your budget and meet your power and performance needs.


Linking your components together and making sure everything can talk.

PCB layout

Fitting all the parts into the right shape and size, considering the mechanical design so it all fits together.


With board and components in hand, we can assemble and test the heart of your new product.


Every design comes alive in a different way - each feature and part is tested to make sure it matches your spec.


A working board is one thing, but it's quite another to have the product behave as your business needs it to.


Your new product doesn't exist in a vacuum - we can advise and build the integration with your existing systems.

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